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with an engineering background and 4+ years of experience in diverse design domains. My expertise lies in product and UI/UX design, with a focus on creating user-centric digital products.
Anastasia Miagkova
a multidisciplinary designer
updated june 2023
Interface for Heterosis Breeding Process
ui/ux, product
designed UI and UX of breeding two existing NFTs into new one consistent to the existing design system and style.
Case Study: Practicum x Yandex Plus
product approach
designed a solution for up-selling and cross-selling a subscription product. conducted a thorough product research from interview to testing in UX/UI-solutions for the development team.
Studio OG.Art
ui/ux, tilda
to communicate the launch of a low-code set of tools for creating generative nfts i designed and developed landing pages to attract and engage artists, brands and developers.
Summer Yandex school
ui/ux, product, graphic
dived into previous research and cust dev results. conducted competitors and best practices research, build a scenario and wireframes based on business development restrictions. created UI Kit, base and additional flows, and animated prototype. conducted UX test, scored improvements and handed off to development. made creatives for marketing team.
Heterosis Collection
ui/ux, tilda
designed a communicating landing page for a generative nfts collection to attract buyers and engage existing audience including nft paris conference.
Case Study: Practicum x Zapravki
product approach
a fuelling stations service had an issue how notify users to finish payment process. conducted a thorough product design process from interview to testing and transfer to development.
Life in Our Minds Collection
ui/ux, tilda
designed a communicating landing page for a generative nfts collection to attract buyers and engage existing audience including brands.
product approach, graphic design, branding, 3d
working directly with a founder, created a gamified web3.0 social app from scratch: found a market fit and defined flows, features, and business achievements. designed interfaces, developed visual communication style, conducted interviews and a set of basic UX tests.
Tilda. Year in Review 2021
graphic design, ui/ux, tilda
working with a marketing team developed a product landing page to demonstrate the most impressive features of the year and explain it to users.
Landing Page for pinkman UX Course
ui/ux, tilda
developed a design conception and UI/UX design for a landing page of an education course to demonstrate and explain product’s features and sell it.
Case Study Wannabelike
graphic design, ui/ux, 3d
designed a concept of travelling app from scratch, various landing pages and 3d assets.
Tilda Founder’s Website
graphic design, ui/ux, tilda
designed and developed a page of the tilda’s founder to share his story and experience with the audience.
Beauty Master Template
graphic design, ui/ux, tilda, product approach
conducted market-fit research to identify users needs, designed and developed a page. based on the results of the research created a website template for no-code website builder.
Year in Review Template
graphic design, ui/ux, tilda, product approach
conducted market-fit research to identify users' needs. based on the results of the research created a landing page template for tilda no-code website builder.
Intro Animation for Tilda YouTube Channel
motion design
designed intro animation for youtube channel to make it more consistent and recognizable.
Product Hunt Announcement Video
motion design
together with a marketing team created an explaining video to announce and demonstrate main features of an educational product.
Gradient Feature’s Article
graphic, ui/ux, tilda, product approach
created how-to-use guide, designed and developed a landing page for launching a new product feature to introduce it to users and raise engagement
Tilda Success Stories: Fe/Male Switch
video editing, motion design
one type of communication with users were stories about how business use the product. I edited videos and implemented motion design to maintain the consistency of the brand’s visual style
Custom CSS Class Article
graphic, ui/ux, tilda, product approach
created how-to-use guide, designed and developed a landing page for launching a new product feature to introduce it to users and raise engagement
New Fonts Article
graphic, ui/ux, tilda
designed and developed an article about new fonts added to platform for users
The Success Speaking System
graphic, branding, motion
designed brand identity and social media pack for an English education school
as a product designer, I have spent years developing my skills in designing products that are intuitive, user-friendly, and visually appealing. From concept to launch, I work closely with cross-functional teams to bring innovative products to life.

With a strong focus on user research, usability, and customer satisfaction, I am constantly pushing the boundaries of design to create unique and compelling solutions that meet the needs of users and businesses alike.
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Product Approach, Communication Design, Graphic Design, 3D, Motion design, no code web development (tilda, readymag)
Product Approach
Communication Design
Graphic Design
Motion design
no code web development
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posts were designed for Tilda social media accounts
> 10
websites were selected for #madeontilda finest websites collection
websites were selected by landbook
participated at Yandex Market Hackaton
anastasia miagkova.
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