Together with a founder, we created the product from scratch: find a market fit and define flows, features, and business achievements. The conception was created as a part of Wannabelike course under Mike Rozov’s art direction. I developed visual design of interfaces and communication and conducted interviews, and basic UX tests.
is a web3.0 social app with game mechanics where users create NFTs, collect them, exchange them, and sell it at an auction. Every person who buys someone’s NFT gets on the list of top fans and can contest others depending on their level.
[product design, branding, researching]
→ My role
Obviously, we didn’t start with drawing an app. We had an idea of reinventing the interactions between fans and influencers. So the next step was to confirm the existence of several problems we supposed. While researching I used Content Analysis, Interviews.
After confirming hypothesises we started with MVP version. The main task was to create a simple NFT marketplace with basic game mechanics and to make it user friendly.
We succeed to launch the app’s first version for a small testing group and continue to define and improve features relying on users' needs.

I’m proud I was able to develop an idea and design a project from scratch. While designing I should consider heaps of details and after launching the version you created test if it works or not.
The next step was to define a brand vision, a mission, a metaphor, and features. To maintain a brand I created a metaphor, a logotype, chose typefaces, a color pallete and designed examples of advertising media. Some images were created in 3D.
To use an app easy to use and intuitive I created a flow map using JTBD framework and both flat and experience-driven navigation. Then I started creating wireframes and used UX tests to make them user friendly. I used the best examples of mobile interfaces as a base for this app.
→ research
→ Process
→ Results
jun, 2022
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